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7 Advantages & Benefits of Home Care for Seniors

Researching care options for an aging loved one can be overwhelming and it might be tough to decide what will be best for your family.

Some options, like moving to a residential care facility require making big lifestyle changes.

For many families, home care is the best solution as it allows their loved one to stay in the comfort of their own home and continue living as they are used to. There are many benefits of home care – below we’ve outlined what we think to be the top 7.

1. Comfort

The primary benefit of home care is that your loved one can stay in the place that is most comfortable and familiar to them. They can sleep in their own bed, use their own bathroom, and continue their daily routines. Being in familiar surroundings can be especially beneficial for those suffering from progressive conditions that affect memory such as dementia.

2. Personalized Care

Instead of adjusting to the schedules and routines of a care facility, a home care plan is customized to fit your family’s needs. Whether your loved one only needs assistance for a few hours a day or requires full-time live-in care, home care is flexible and adapts to what is best for each client.

3. Faster Recovery

Research shows that patients recover from surgery and illness faster and more successfully in the comfort of their own homes. They also have a decreased risk of developing infection from exposure to germs in a medical facility and have fewer hospital readmissions.

4. One-on-one Attention

The personal nature of home care allows your loved one to be the primary focus of the caregiver. Their job is to provide a level of attention and care that ensures your loved one is safe and comfortable. Because an in-home caregiver is usually tending to a single client, their needs are met much faster than in a residential facility.

5. Peace of mind

You won’t have to worry about your loved one being alone and falling or getting injured while performing daily activities such as showering and using the stove. Instead, you will be able to rest easy knowing they are being well cared for.

6. Independence

Loss of independence is a big concern for seniors who are considering care options. A huge advantage of home care is that your loved one can keep control over many aspects of their daily life. They get to continue living by their own schedule, choosing when they want to eat, sleep, and socialize. For seniors who no longer drive, a caregiver can help them get to social activities and run errands supporting their ability to live independently.

7. Companionship

Seniors who live alone often experience social isolation and feelings of loneliness which can lead to a decline in health. A caregiver provides your loved one with a familiar face, friendly conversation, and a meaningful human connection, all of which can have a big impact on overall health and well-being.

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