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Advantages of Working with a Home Care Agency

After deciding that home care is the right option, consumers weigh their options of hiring a home care agency or contracting directly with a home health aide. However, consumers should be aware of the following benefits of working with a home care agency versus the risks of a direct hire:

Employer Obligations: By hiring a home health aide or nurse directly, the individual consumer and their family take on the responsibilities of their employer. This includes paying for the employee’s payroll taxes, workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance, and liability. If the employee gets hurt during their time providing care or commuting to or from the individual’s home, it is the consumer that is legally and financially liable. Working with a home care agency alleviates the client of these responsibilities.

Peace of Mind: Unless the consumer does a criminal background check at their own expense, they do not know who is providing care in their home. Home care agencies are required to conduct thorough criminal background checks that provide more comprehensive data than available to the public before any home care agency employee steps foot into a client’s home.

Security and Contingency: If a consumer’s direct hire harms or steals from the consumer, the consumer is still liable. However, home care agencies are required to maintain various insurances to protect their clients and are required by law to promptly investigate all complaints of abuse or theft. Furthermore, home care agencies can provide a replacement without disruption of service if the home care agency employee gets sick, injured, or changes jobs.

Ongoing Training and Supervision: If the consumer has a direct-hire, the consumer is responsible for continuous training and supervision. In contrast, home care agencies have the experience, knowledge, training, resources, and licensure to ensure that their employees are thoroughly trained in all services performed, including safe infection control, fall prevention, emergency preparation, and personal care tasks.

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