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Benefits of Home Healthcare After Surgery for Seniors

Recovering from surgery at any age can be a daunting experience. Even more so as we get older. 

If your senior parent is scheduled for or has recently undergone a surgical procedure, it’s essential to consider the best options for their recovery. 

One of those options is home healthcare. With the right support, your parent can recuperate in the comfort and familiarity of their own home, leading to a smoother, safer, and more positive recovery experience. Research has shown the numerous benefits of home healthcare after surgery for seniors. 


With hospital stays becoming shorter and shorter, it’s not unusual for patients to leave the hospital after surgery while still needing at least some additional medical care. 

Depending on the amount of care needed, some seniors may spend time at a skilled nursing facility or a nursing home after discharge. Others elect to recover from surgery at home with the help of a home care agency. 

The benefits of home healthcare after surgery for seniors include:

  1. A comfortable and familiar environment that can reduce stress and anxiety.

  2. Your parent’s preferred clothes, personal items, foods, etc., are always at hand.

  3. Freedom from the light and noise of staff and other patients, especially at night.

  4. One-on-one care from a home health provider.

  5. Ease of family involvement with care (if desired)

  6. Skilled nurses follow your parent’s provider’s instructions and report back on their progress.

  7. Care is available at flexible times.

  8. More freedom to walk or move around than in a hospital or facility.

  9. No need to travel to numerous appointments each week.

  10. Friends and family can visit without the restrictions of visiting hours.


Patients who had initially been admitted to the hospital for surgery and then transitioned to home healthcare had even lower rates of readmission than similar patients who had been admitted for a medical diagnosis. 

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