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An AARP survey shows that 3 out of 4 elderly adults intend to stay in the comfort of their homes and communities as they age. Aging at home has its own benefits. A familiar space can reduce stress triggers for seniors and also save them money otherwise spent on moving into a retirement or a long-term care facility.

Since living alone can increase the feeling of loneliness in the elderly, a viable solution that allows seniors to maintain their routine life without risking their independence is the need of the hour.

Love and Faith Senior Home Care is an in-home caregiving service that helps combat loneliness in the elderly and provides the assistance they need for aging safely and comfortably.

Scheduling regular visits from a companion caregiver keep seniors mentally fit and active and gives them something to look forward to every day. Regular companionship promotes socialization and conversation while also meeting their social, psychological, and emotional needs.

A companion caregiver performs a range of basic tasks and activities that many seniors find hard to do on their own. Seniors’ companion care services also include assistance in light housekeeping duties, grocery shopping, picking up medications, preparing regular meals, and other everyday activities that can make an elderly adult’s life more manageable and convenient.

Such companion caregiving services are a great choice for combating loneliness in the elderly who are in good shape but need a bit of help to remain at home. Companion caregivers may also act as partners for the favorite hobbies and activities of the elders, engage in friendly conversations, and even take senior clients to doctor’s appointments and social outings.

Having a companion caregiver is not the end of independence; it is rather a step towards extending and enhancing your quality of life and staying at home for longer. Compassionate care by experienced caregivers can help the elderly get life back on track and feel their best. Your senior loved one can get service at par with a nursing home or an assisted senior living facility from the comfort of their home.

Caregivers provide comprehensive companion care services to combat “an epidemic of loneliness” among seniors. A team of well-trained, talented, and compassionate caregivers can offer the much-needed companionship to help the elderly overcome loneliness and isolation while assisting with errands so they can age in place and enjoy the golden years of their lives in peace and tranquility. Our trained caregivers can help with everything from grooming to transportation to medication management. Get started by helping us tailor a care plan for your senior loved one’s unique needs and preferences!

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