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Importance of Giving Thanks to our Aging Parents

The elderly deserve our admiration. In far too many cases, our older generation is met with “they’re too old for…” rhetoric. And while it’s true that senior citizens often contend with balance, strength, and mobility issues, it doesn’t mean they deserve any derision. In fact, they deserve the exact opposite. Our loving support and respect are, at the very least, what we owe older people. This is most definitely true when it comes to your aging parents.

Express Yourself

Say it. It’s just that simple. While expressing yourself may not necessarily come that easy to you, we know that when people hear words of gratitude, love, and support, it goes a long way in making their days. Your show of gratitude doesn’t have to be a big presentation. Simply tell your elderly parents how much you honor and cherish them.

“Even if you demonstrate that you respect your elders through your actions, it’s important to actually tell them how much you appreciate and respect them,” agrees Dana Larsen on, “Compliments and giving people purpose, especially older Americans, is a very positive message. If there is a senior who has positively impacted you, make sure to share this with them; it will probably bring a smile to their face.”

Ensure They Have a Tidy and Comfortable Living Space

Not every show of gratitude is verbal. As the old saying goes, “actions speak louder than words”. The older adult in your life has likely done quite a lot for you. As you grew up, you had him/her to lean on and look to for help. These days, the roles have likely been switched. It’s up to you to preserve your aging parent’s health and well-being. Do so by regularly ensuring he/she is comfortable and safe.

Show Your Love During Times When It’s Hard to Do So

Have you had a recent argument with your aging parent? Do disagreements come often between you two? Things may not always be easy. In fact, you may not even consider the relationship a particularly strong one. Believe it or not, such a situation provides you with a great opportunity to significantly turn things around. You know the old request to “be the bigger person”? Well, give it a shot!

“When things go wrong, when you’re not happy, when people are mean to us, when we are worn down by the millions of slings and arrows of everyday life…we don’t want to say thank you. But in truth, this is the time when it matters the most. “

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