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Tips for Caring for Elderly Parents Over the Holidays

Tis’ the most wonderful time of the year! With the holidays approaching, you are probably getting ready to bond with the special people in your life. Thank your parents for the love and care that they provided to you throughout your life by ensuring that their holidays are extra special. Whether your elderly parents are visiting you or you are visiting them, we have tips for caring for elderly parents to provide them with a holiday that will warm their hearts.

Set up a safe living space

Your elderly parents are going to need special care, especially if they are unable to take care of themselves or they have additional health issues. Ensure that they have a safe setting, such as a bedroom on the first floor for easy access and a clear path to prevent injuries. The elderly often have issues with mobility and for this reason, essential items such as food, medicine, and medical aid need to be placed within their reach, especially if a wheelchair or walker is in use.

Make them feel comfortable

You want your parents to feel comfortable and to maintain their dignity. Ensure that they have enough toiletries and protective bed sheets or incontinence products if necessary. If your elderly parent suffers from dementia or experiences disturbances, a quiet sleeping area with minimal bright lights will be ideal. Put up pictures of your family and objects to remind them of home.

Adjust your schedule to accommodate their needs

If you are traveling or have special plans for the holiday that involve activities, it is important to adjust your schedule to cater to your elderly parent’s needs, such as bathroom breaks and medicine time. The elderly tire easily and need extra time to rest than you do. Special care also needs to be taken when buying or preparing food. Holiday dining tends to come with lots of fatty or processed food and this is not ideal for the elderly, especially those with health issues. Cater for their nutritional needs and keep them practicing healthy eating habits.

Prepare travel arrangements ahead of time

Whether you are traveling to your parents or they are coming to you, travel arrangements for your elderly parents should be prepared ahead of time to cater to their needs. The elderly may not be able to drive themselves around, especially during adverse weather conditions and this needs to be arranged for them. If they are taking a flight to you, they will need someone to pick them up to and from the airport and a comfortable aisle on the plane. If your parents are in a difficult position to travel, you may need to go to them. In this case, book your flight or hotel, if needed, in advance so that they do not have to stress about accommodation.

Be considerate of their mental health

Holiday time can be tough on the elderly as they can feel lonely or remember those who have passed on. Include them in your scheduling of activities, festive traditions, or the sharing of memories to make them feel loved. If you cannot spend the holidays with them, try to call them often and get family members to speak to them too. Send them presents or care packages to show them that you are thinking of them. Remember that nobody likes to feel abandoned or lonely.

Experience true caregiving

We understand that the holiday time can be difficult for both you and your elderly parents. At Love and Faith Senior Home Care, we have professionally trained and loving caregivers who ensure that your loved ones are treated with the utmost care and love, eliminating any undue stress on you or your parents. Their unique approach to caregiving guarantees that the elderly receive dignity and empathy.

Contact us today for help with caring for elderly parents!

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